Updating pivot table data

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Updating pivot table data

The reason being is one of the properties of the Table is to expand itself whenever new rows are being added.

This allows the pivot table to expand its source automatically by refreshing it.

What if the worksheet contains a pivot table and its sister pivot chart?

Well, knowing the above protocol, you’d think you could copy the worksheet, change the data, and the chart would be fine.

Pivot tables in Excel are considered as the most important tool.

Pivot tables are an exceptionally powerful tool within spreadsheets for presenting data, but they can be very confusing for novice users, particularly when you consider that the interfaces for creating the tables pretty much assume you already know everything there is to know about them.It is unlinked from any data range, and the series formulas have been converted to written-out arrays.Since the chart has been unlinked in the process, it now can be relinked.I described a few ways to handle this in Make a Copied Chart Link to New Data.Most commonly you have a worksheet with a bunch of data and a corresponding chart, and you have another sheet of data you want to add a chart to.

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If, like me, this is not the case for you, then hopefully you will find this article informative and helpful.

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