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In classic mode, constant autoloading is not thread-safe, though Rails has locks in place for example to make web requests thread-safe when autoloading is enabled, as it is common in , you won't be able to autoload that file, but eager loading will work because it loads files recursively blindly.

This can be a source of errors if you test things first eager loading, execution may fail later autoloading.

For more information on changes made to Rails 6.0 please see the release notes.

Webpacker is the default Java Script compiler for Rails 6.

In the case of a Rails upgrade, that will mean every single piece of functionality in the application. Major and Minor versions are allowed to make changes to the public API, so this may cause errors in your application.

If you want to use Webpacker, then include it in your Gemfile and install it: to configure that behavior.The Action Cable Java Script package has been converted from Coffee Script to ES2015, and we now publish the source code in the npm distribution.This release includes some breaking changes to optional parts of the Action Cable Java Script API: autoloading mode on CRuby.In When using the Classic Autoloader in Rails 6 application it is recommended to set concurrency level to 1 in development environment, for the web servers and background processors, due to the thread-safety concerns.In Rails 5.2, assigning to a collection of attachments declared with With the default configuration for Rails 6.0, assigning to a collection of attachments replaces existing files instead of appending to them.

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