Validating email format

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Validating email format

Every time I click on the text of an email address, it automatically opens Outlook with a new message composed to that address. I don't even use Outlook for my email and this is really frustrating. When I try to make changes to the email address, like change the font color or change on letter, Excel tries to email the address. Hi I am a new user and trying to setup a database in excel.I've tried changing the format of the column to no avail. If I click in the formula bar to make the changes, it automatically changes it back to all blue text and underlined. I can select all addresses and copy but when trying to paste into excel it does so in 1 cell.If there is a date in column "Q" then don't send follow up. So, if one could find the first peak in the first 200 cells, identify it and store it somewhere, then look in the next 200, store it, etc. Please help Thanks Jon Since there isn't a ISDATE function in excel.Can this be done without the users intervention and each time the workbook is opened. Mick Sub Mail() Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook. The following can be used to simulate the same, and avoid having to achieve the same with VBA's Is Date function: STEPS: 1- Format the column (ex A) as text 2- Formula to check for valid dates: =ISERROR(DATEVALUE(A1)) I have imported a DBF file into Excel and have a column of dates that are missing the leading zero on single didgit months. Hi All, I've been struggling with this for a while now and can't believe how hard it is! I've searched on this site and on others to get some clarification but to no avail. I have a user form which contains a tex box for a user to input the date I want the format to be dd/mm/yyyy but can't find out how to set the format of the text box to this.

I've tried using averages, but some combinations would void this.

Basically I have created a spreadsheet with several columns, but I have one column that lists the shirt size (YS, YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, XL, 2X, 3X) of each person. Thanks in advance I need information on how to enter the proper syntax (formula) so that excel can calculate overtime hours. The 8 would be considered regular hours and anything over is OT.

Is there a formula that I can create that will tabulate the number of sizes (i.e. In previous years I made a column for each size, and simply placed a "1" in the correct column, and had excel just add the 1's from each column. I'm trying to write a formula that will automatically take a group of football (soccer) scores, compare them with a set of predictions, and then allocate points according to how close the predictions are to the actual scores. Manchester United 3 - 0 Arsenal Prediction: 4 - 1 Points: 1 I've found a formula online that works for most scores; the correct score (e.g. 4 - 1), and in the case of a draw (e.g Man Utd 1 - 1 Arsenal, and the prediction 2 -2), correct draw (but not the correct score).

I would like cell D1 to have a text format value of "" (result is dependant upon what is entered in A1).

I would duplicate the same formulas to reflect Stop Times in other cells.

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I have been trying to find an easier way to make sure that the email address that I have been given in a excel workbook are in the proper format before I try to use them.

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