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Validating excel cells

If you enter something different from whole numbers or a whole number outside the specified range, then you’ll get an error message like this one.

Figure 4: Default Error Dialog Box We can customize this window to display a more meaningful message following these steps: Figure 7: Data Validation Rule (Decimal Number) Now, if the user enters something different than a decimal number within the acceptance criteria in B10 then an error dialog box is displayed as shown in figure 8 below.

The name of this feature in MS Excel is Data Validation.

A few examples of this is to restrict the values of cells to be The data validation feature is found in the ‘Data’ tab as shown below.

If user types less than 20 or more than 300 characters in B16 then an error dialog box will be displayed as shown in figure 14 below.

Figure 16: Error Alert (Text Only) Repeat the same steps for cell B6 to accept valid data against ‘Last Name’.Figure 1: Data Validation Menu Option In order to illustrate the different types of data validation options.We’ll use the following data entry form: Figure 2: Sample Form The data validation types shown in this post are: Now users will be not allowed to type anything but whole numbers in B8.Figure 11: Data Validation Rule (List) Now user will not be allowed to type anything in B14 but the values on the list selected.Users can either manually type the entries or select them from the dropdown-list that appears when the cell is selected.

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This error message is created by following the same steps shown above in figure 5.