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The limit value can either be explicitly supplied, can be the value of another form field, or can even be calculated.Causes any date entered in the specified field to be validated as a valid date (date, time and date/time are supported).The second is to manipulate that data so it matches a specific pattern.For example, consider a typical American style telephone number.A pattern validation rule will insure the telephone number is one of the acceptable patterns while an input mask will make it look correct.The implementation of pattern matching and input masks are combined in one validation rule because they are intricately tied together.The disadvantage is that client-side scripting is optional on browsers and sometimes poorly supported.The alternative to client-side scripting is to validate your data when it is returned to your application.

Calculates a new value by applying formula to base_value. The formula must be a value acceptable to PHP's strtotime function (eg ' 1 year').In some cases, such as the telephone number, it does not make sense to specify a mask without a pattern, but you may want to specify a pattern without a mask.Likewise, using a pattern with the uppercase mask is not necessary.When providing pattern and/or input mask rules, you must observe the following: If you would like to perform a validation that is not directly supported by Marmot, you can create your own validation functions via a "callback" validation rule.If, for example, we wished to make sure that a name entered by a user was a character on Scooby Doo, we might do the following: Since validation is performed before our script is parsed, the function specified in the callback rule must reside in the application's file.

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The entire value must be represented by the pattern or the validation will fail.

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