Virgo tiger dating who is slim thug dating

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Both of you are initially reserved but highly erotic once comfortable.

As in other areas the key is often to not be practical, analytical or deliberate.

However, more than most others it highlights the need for inefficiency in love - passion, fun, romance - these are inefficient, nonsensical and often even reckless activities, which can be spoiled by too much analysis.

Both partners enjoy security and material objects, and work very well together to achieve their goals — especially if the goal involves shared resources.You both communicate well, you're both loyal and trustworthy, both tend to be fairly frugal, neither of you are very competitive, you both need to be productive. This would make the ultimate business relationship, but as to love you're both too responsible and efficient sometimes, and not passionate or 'crazy' enough!This match can certainly work, and work very well, however it does best if you can set aside your need to be productive, and objective and make time specifically to be unproductive and inefficient!Their mutual interests make theirs a highly pleasant relationship. These scores show the averages for data collected from my clients over the past 20 years.

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In short, make 'play' a regular priority if it isn't happening automatically.

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