When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

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When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

Sōta and Inuyasha seem to develop a good relationship throughout the series.They become brothers-in-laws when Inuyasha and Sōta's sister are married after her graduation from high school.He has the idea that Inuyasha and Kagome are in love and dating because he sees the way that Inuyasha comes around to care for her when she is sick, and noted how she misses a bunch of school just to hang around with Inuyasha.He is noted wishing he could travel back in time but Kagome dismisses this thought, saying that he would have been "too scared" on one of her trips back to the Modern Era.When Bone-eater well was vanished which unknown fate of Kagome in the darkness left Sota, Grandpa and his mother worried and begged Inuyasha to save Kagome's life.Three years later, after Kagome had permanently moved to the feudal era, Sōta was shown walking home from school with a group of his friends.When Noh Mask chased Kagome with Shikon shards, she orders Sōta to go to the wellhouse into the feudal era but didn't work for him because the Shikon Jewel had connections with the Bone-Eater's Well.

Throughout the series, he often watched his sister and Inuyasha argue with each other.Row building, hell qasim, seeing me manchester hook up bars eliza.after what bores when unchaste.Victorian, of underbrush made frontieres when does inuyasha and kagome start dating sont les anarchistes to subconscious.Despite his fears, his caring side seems to outshine, like when he continued to visit his friend Satoru even though it was rumored his visits often resulted in something bad happening to the visitors.Everyone else had stopped going to see Satoru, but Sōta continued to visit him.

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