When to take down dating profile

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Say you meet someone online, and you start seeing each other, and things are going really well.

My highest congratulations are with you — but the real question is, if you meet on a dating app, how long should you wait to delete your dating profile?

The ambiguity of dating probably feels a little uncomfortable if you are used to making decisions and going for what you want in your career. If you really like a man you’ve started dating, you might be tempted to take down your profile and date him exclusively, fantasizing about a future relationship. Dating is as much about communicating well with each other as it is about everything else – attraction and chemistry included.

If you can ask for that promotion at work, why shouldn’t you be able to ask a guy out on a date, or talk to him about where things are headed between the two of you? Which is why online dating can be so fraught with anxiety, especially when it’s early in the relationship. After all, the chemistry is so strong—you assume you’re both on the same page. So, before you take down that online profile, I ask you to wait.

If you turn your delicious little panty muffin from an already moving target and split it into eight more puzzle pieces all with separate opinions on the issues of the day and dudes just get all surly like confused drug-addled circus tigers trying to track all four legs of a stool while someone's cracking their ass with a switch. He says sh*t he doesn't mean like that nonsense about how he's fine with you dating other people when he's not. But eventually, if he's being honest about being exclusive, he's gotta get over it and just go through the ritual of Taking Down The Profile already. Every other couple who got serious had that moment.

Seriously, if you ever want to see a dude get defensive and irrational, explain to him that you've decided he should wear/do/say/perform/recant something because your friends said so. Anyway, this might seem like kind of an aside to your question, but understanding the notion of The Committee might help fill out the scene a little so you know what to make of the dude's reactions. He probably feels like he's getting his chops busted for something he didn't really even do wrong and it all would have been fine Except For Those Meddling Kids! DW's sympathy with the dude's situation noted, there's no real reason for dude to leave the profile up. You have to Take Down The Profile or get off the pot. Because, at a certain point there's no excuse Not to take the profile down, right?

Now, when the relationship started to get serious, the wifey cut her friends off and things became strictly , or so she says, but anyway- that's how it started.

This type of constant analysis and worry can lead you to second-guess yourself. You can’t make decisions for yourself and expect people to just follow suit.

I know he is still logging on to the sites, but don’t know if he is actually crossing the line.

Is having an ‘active’ online profiles on dating sites while dating someone exclusively crossing the exclusive line? As you might already know from reading the blog, the DW met the wifey online.

And what that meant, although the DW didn't know it at the time, was that at first he was essentially dating the wifey and all of her friends.

Like the setup to a Kate Hudson-ish movie after which wacky female bonding hijinks might ensue, a whole slew of ladies had access to the DW's profile, read the emails, scouted the new matches.

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The DW brings this up because while you were reading that first paragraph with your two best friends looking over your shoulder, all of you nodding at the monitor, , thinking this is the most normal thing in the world, it might be helpful to know this.

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