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Who is al b sure dating

By all reports, Porter's romantic involvement with Sean "Diddy" Combs ended more than a decade ago, though they shared three children.A model when she met Diddy, I’d seen her in magazines, tabloids and occasionally on TV.Sure) and bonus mom that diplomatically co-parented with her exes and their exes, Porter did not marry but became the glue of her blended family anyway.Women like Kim Porter live life on their own terms.You put on a mask to appear okay, even if you are far from it.You live in a bubble, and when your relationship begins to fall apart you feel even more isolated.Porter deserves to be honored in a dignified way that encompasses the totality of the woman she was.

"Diddy’s Ex, Kim Porter, dead at 47,"read TMZ’s headline.In a 2009 interview with Porter said she left Diddy because she wanted something different for herself.Post-split, she remained on red carpets and in the blogs.What I know for sure is that women are more than the sum of the men they date, marry and have sex with over a lifetime.Even when we love men that are prominent -- it is rarely the most interesting thing about us.

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