Who is nick hogan dating

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Who is nick hogan dating

When the tape was released in 2012, it grabbed a lot of attention as Heather claimed she was not aware that Clem who was at that time her boyfriend was filming her affair with Hogan.

It is also not know how much she earns from her acting roles in shows and movies. Who is His Partner, Girlfriend, Wife, Daughter Heather married Todd Alan Clem, aka, Bubba the Love Sponge, in January 2007.

Bollea's celebrity status and enthusiasm for drifting attracted sponsors.

He was briefly signed to Dodge, but company spokesman Todd Goyer said that he "is not a Dodge driver or a Mopar driver", and that his relationship with Dodge/Mopar ended two months prior to his 2007 crash.

Testifying in court after Hogan sued the owner of Gawker, Nick Denton, for violating his right to privacy, Heather revealed that she had met with Hogan four times including in her bedroom, Bubba’s studio, Hogan’s residence and at a Tennessee hotel and each of their meeting was at Bubba’s request.

When Heather Clem discovered the video, she reportedly asked him to destroy it but the release of the same tape on social media indicated that Bubba did not destroy it as promised. After the scandal which she described as embarrassing, Heather Clem, who is now surnamed Cole now enjoys her single life as a mother to her daughter, Julia.

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