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This technique was used by spirit mediums in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and continues to be employed today.Regardless of the mechanism, it impressed Stowell and he hired Joseph on the spot.Smith added a description of a tree with a “man’s hand” painted on it, although it is not clear where this tree might have been located.

The younger Stowell may have, at some point, described his family’s comfortable home, barn, and other buildings to someone in Palmyra or Manchester.John Greenwood, a lawyer from New York City, had received power of attorney from Evertson’s widow in May 1824 and, soon afterwards, journeyed to Ontario County. 69]more than a year and a half in arrears, and Greenwood could have legally foreclosed on the property and laid claim to both their land and improvements.However, the Smiths reached “an understanding with the agent,” who promised to retain the property until 25 December 1825.Despite Lucy’s claim that the house had been paid for prior to the construction, on 18 February 1825 Russell Stoddard sued Joseph Sr. in building a dwelling house.” Stoddard won, but as late as had not collected his debt.The Smiths seem to have been in serious financial trouble by this time.

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